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North America-based Assets

To acquire high quality oil and gas assets and companies located in North America with a preference for onshore assets. We will seek assets in any of the proven, producing oil and gas basins with sufficient access to infrastructure and end markets.

Producing Reserves and Future Development Upside

To build a balanced  portfolio of assets with reserves classified as proved developed producing and generating cash flow from production combined with an undeveloped inventory that is economic to develop based on forward strip pricing and regional pricing forecasts, which will serve as future inventory for development and a growth driver for our Company.

High Quality Geology

To acquire assets with high reservoir quality rock that has been proven to be productive. We prefer areas that allow us to develop and produce out of multiple horizons within one geologic formation, multiple productive geologic formations or ‘stacked pay’ that can be developed from a single location on the surface and potential for increased production through down-spacing, enhanced recovery methods (e.g., waterfloods), workovers, or other means.

Optimizations of Operations

To acquire assets with opportunities to reduce costs, boost production or otherwise optimize operations that would result in improved economics and returns to stockholders.

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